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Bobs Engineering is an innovative design company based at the foot of the beautiful Colorado Rockies. A small company with a simple name, we're easy to remember. We build products for people with creative minds, providing versatile circuits to help make your projects special.


Presenting the New BE-SP3 Project controller ,
BE-SP6 Stepper motor driver and new BE-SP6A Stepper Driver Circuit.

These Circuits and manuals were developed for Robotics designers, students,
teachers, model railroaders, artists,machinists, hobbyists and anyone wanting to
understand electronics and mechanics.

We provide useful, multipurpose, do-more-than-one-thing, circuits. Great for science fair projects, simply for the fact that you can use and reuse it for many different projects using analog, digital, power, motion, computer control, touch or light sensors or counters. . . the list goes on.

Now you can design robots that can see, feel, and move without needing a lot of
separate circuits.

You can drive 2 or more Stepper motors, look at 5 switches, measure 4
voltages and drive 8 outputs of up to 2 amps each using H-Bridge drivers.




This is The BE_SP3 Board - more info

BE_SP3 Board





This is The BE_SP6 Board - more info

BE_SP6 Board



This is the BE_SP6A Board - more info


BE_SP6A Board without heat sink


Bob's Engineering recommends that you read all the PDF information (Tech Page) to get a thorough understanding of motors and drivers. This will help make the "BIG PICTURE" become clearer.


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