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The BE-SP6 has control circuits to drive 1 Stepper Motor in ½ step mode, both directions.
It uses a Dual H bridge IC to drive a 4 wire Bipolar or a 6/8 wire Unipolar Stepper.

4 ways to control Stepper Circuit:

1 Two Switches, using internal automatic step clock.
2 Two Switches, with manual step clock.
3 External with 2 signals supplied from BE-SP3. (Step and Direction Bits)
4 Controlled from your Computer or Micro.




BE-SP6 Circuit Specifications:

Recommended operating conditions:

BE-SP6 control Input Voltage. 7 to 18 VDC. ( 9VDC is best )
BE-SP6 control Input Current @ 9VDC. 70-90 mA. No external loads
BE-SP6 Power Driver Input Voltage. 5 to 46 VDC
BE-SP6 Power Driver Input Current. ** 4 Amps per package or 2 Amps on 2 channels (<25W)
BE-SP6 Output VCC. 5V and < 100mA (used for auxiliary circuit drive power)

Stepper runs in ½ step mode.
A 1.8 deg stepper in ½ step mode needs 400 pulses for 1 full turn.

Operating temperature. 0c to 70c Ambient.

Both the Driver IC and 5 Volt Regulator IC have built in thermal shutdowns.
But don't depend on that to save your project, or circuit from cooking.
Do Not enclose the circuit in an air tight box.

CLK Input Voltage range. 0 or 5 VDC TTL level signals.
DIR Input Voltage range. 0 or 5 VDC TTL level signals.
RA to RB resistor Values. 100K or Higher. Below 100K may run motor too fast.

External CLK Speed. 0 pulses per second to whatever the Stepper will handle.

Internal default Clock Speed, no (RA RB). ~ 125 pulses per second = 7500/min = 18.75 RPM.
Fast Clock Speed, (RA RB =~100k). ~ 625 pulses per second = 37500/min = 93.75 RPM.

* Driver IC will drive up to 25 watts, or up to 1 Amp continuous per each of the 4 channels.

For that You need a heatsink connected to the driver. It will get too hot without one.

Using a fan to cool it will help.

Max Driver Volts = 50. (Recommended Volts : 46).

One 4 channel Driver IC can drive:
2 channels with 2 Amps each or
4 channels with 1 Amp each.


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